Speaker at Business convention and Presentation.Effective Teaching Solutions consultants are available for workshops, inservices, campus level professional development and coaching, keynote addresses, consulting and curriculum writing, grant writing, and custom presentations to suit the needs of your school, district, or organization. We specialize in literacy, teaching and learning strategies, and classroom management.

We want teachers to walk away from our workshops and presentations with their batteries recharged, their spirits lifted, and resources that will never see file 13.

Workshops by Lisa Frase

Lisa Frase_roundLisa Frase is the founder and director of Effective Teaching Solutions. She has worked in education for  over twenty years, and is currently launching Storycraft Studio, an online site offering instructional writing videos and books for kids and teens. She has a Masters in Reading from the University of Houston Clear Lake, is a National Writing Project Teacher-Consultant, Six Traits of Writing trainer, published author, and literacy specialist. Lisa is a dynamic presenter who knows how to practically apply research and theory in the classroom.

Lisa is available for coaching, consultation, curriculum writing, keynote addresses, presentations, seminars, and workshops.  All presentations are tailored to the needs of the client, and can be customized to meet school, district, and state standards and curriculum needs. Lisa is also available for homeschool conferences and co-ops. Presentation fees are $300 per presentation hour, plus transportation and hotel expenses. Coaching, consultation, and curriculum writing are negotiable upon contract. Contact Lisa at Effective Teaching Solutions.

The Classroom that Writes

During this interactive workshop teachers will learn The 8 Key Components of Writing Instruction that improves the quality of student’s writing. The components can be successfully integrated into a writing workshop framework. Lisa takes researched methods and integrates them together into a powerful instructional toolbox.

The 8 Key Components of Writing Instruction™  Lisa Frase

Foundations of Teaching Writing

This workshop is designed for novice writing teachers, and veteren teachers who are uncomfortable with teaching writing. Teachers will boost their confidence, learn the basics of the writing process and writer’s workshop, and other foundational writing components. Teachers will learn how to meet district and state curriculum standards, pace their writing instruction through the school year, and develop lessons that will help improve their student’s quality of writing. This workshop jumpstarts next day instruction, and provides a roadmap for future professional development, so that educators will continue to grow in their role as a writing teacher.

Nonfiction Reading

Learn instructional methods for teaching students how to read and comprehend nonfiction text, read textbook material and answer questions, and apply critical thinking to standardized testing. Learn how to build on student’s prior knowledge, increase their vocabulary, and help them to read critically. This workshop is designed for upper elementary and middle school teachers.

Nonfiction Writing

This workshop is designed to give teachers the instructional tools that they need in order to teach students to effectively write nonfiction pieces. Methods include text analysis and deep study of informational text structures, pattern selection, planning, drafting, revising, and editing pieces for publishing. In addition, teachers will learn how to prepare students for standardized writing tests. This workshop is designed for upper elementary and middle school teachers.

Lessons in the Traits

Our teachers have been trained in The 6 Traits of writing…now what? This workshop provides next level, practical training in teaching with The 6 Traits of Writing assessment in mind. In this practical and interactive workshop, teachers build on their 6 Traits knowledge and walk away with a toolbox full of ideas and lessons for teaching writing.

Power Up™ Writing

How do you take proficient writers up to the next level? Teach your students to “power up” their writing with techniques and secrets of professional writers. Punch up student’s writing at the word, sentence, and paragraph level. Learn the truth about adverbs, the secrets of commas, the low-down on verbs, and much more. This workshop is for upper elementary and secondary teachers.

Power Up™ Writing by Lisa Frase



Junior Literacy

Upper elementary and middle school teachers will learn how to integrate the 5 core components of a literacy classroom (reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing) with authentic, engaging instructional methods and strategies. Help your students become critical readers and writers through book clubs, multi-genre writing, literacy letters, book blogs, multi-media projects and more.

Book Clubs

Book clubs are a powerful instruction tool to help students engage in reading, critically think about the text, and interact with peers. This workshop will show you how to build a book club classroom environment through tiered steps including accountable talk, club formations, intructional facilitation, and assessment.

Foundations of Teaching Reading Comprehension

This workshop is designed for novice reading teachers in order to give them a strong instructional foundation. Teachers will fill up their toolbox with researched based, best practice, practical strategies and methods to teach reading comprehension skills and strategies strong readers use.

Power Up™ Poetry

Dust off your year end poetry unit, and discover how poetry is a powerful and motivational teaching tool that you can use throughout the year to improve student’s reading comprehension and quality of writing. This workshop is packed with pratical instructional methods that will spark your student’s enthusiasm, and change your thinking about the power of poetry.

Texas STAAR Reading and Writing

Prepare your young Texans for their reading and writing STAAR tests with authentic and powerful instruction that doesn’t reek of testing. Engage your students, increase their reading comprehension, improve their quality of writing, and build their self-confidence. Workshops available for 3rd-5th grade teachers.

Classroom Management 101

This workshop is designed for new teachers who need practical methods and strategies for managing their classrooms. Teachers will learn how to arrange their classroom effectively, establish routines and procedures, manage paperwork, deal with disruptions, handle inappropriate behaviors, work with parents, and more.

Storycraft Studio Live!

Lisa Frase is available for school and classroom presentations as a children’s author and writing teacher. Visit SCS Live! for more information.

Workshops by Beth Hammett

Beth Hammett_Associate Director_Teachers StudioMeet Beth Hammett

Beth Hammett has worked in education for over twenty years and has taught pre-school, middle school, and high school classes. She currently teaches English at a Gulf Coast community college. She has a Masters in English and creative writing from the University of Houston Clear Lake, is a National Writing Project site co-director and teacher-consultant, is certified in Texas 6-12 ELA, emotional intelligence and peer mediation, and is a published author of children and young adult books, educational articles and lesson plans, and standardized assessment passages. Beth is an engaging presenter who relies on anecdotal and research based techniques to foster love of learning and to increase active learning strategies within classrooms. Beware that her enthusiasm for English language arts is contagious!

Beth is available for coaching, consultation, curriculum writing, keynote addresses, presentations, seminars, and workshops. All presentations are tailored to the needs of the client, and can be customized to meet school, district, and state standards and curriculum needs. Beth is also available for homeschool conferences and co-ops. Presentation fees are $300 per presentation hour, plus hotel and transportation expenses. Coaching, consultation, and curriculum writing are negotiable upon contract. Contact Beth at Effective Teaching Solutions

Visual Writing Instruction

A unique, hands-on approach to teaching writing in the classroom. This curriculum for writing uses learning styles and active learning to master great writing techniques. If your students continuously struggle from traditional methods of teaching writing then this workshop will restore confidence and improve test scores.

Outside Four Walls: Creative Writing Outdoors

Tired of being constrained by the four walls of a classroom? Break out of the norm and head outdoors for some creative writing exercises! Be prepared for writing fun with this out-of-the-box way to engage students in writing.

What is College Level Writing?

If you teach college bound students, this hands-on workshop will help you teach students differences between high school and college level writing. Great handouts, instructional materials, and tips and tricks for college level writing preparation and success!

Using Storytelling for Writing

There’s no better pre-writing strategy than storytelling! This engaging, hands-on workshop takes teachers step-by-step through how to use storytelling as a springboard to writing amazing narratives that encourage sharing of cultures and histories.

How to Give an A+ Oral Presentation

Oral speaking is needed in every facet of business and personal life. This presentation will show students how to give an A+ presentation every time!


Peer Workshopping in the Classroom

Teach students responsibility for learning and mastery by running a peer workshopping classroom. This presentation address how to: build a safe classroom environment for learning, set up peer workshopping centers, run in-class grading conferences, and much more…

Comic Book Writing

This bestselling, top rated curriculum is students and teachers’ favorite! Whether using technology or drawn images, students will use cumulative ELA concepts and skills to create out of this world, self-published comic books. Everything you need to implement this unit will be reviewed and implemented. Warning: Comic book writing is addicting!

Active Learning Strategies in the Classroom

Not sure how to turn activities into hands-on engagement for active learning? Need more active learning strategies for student engagement? Never fear—this workshop will solve your active learning problems by offering activities, tips, and tricks.

Author Talk

As a published author, Beth will show students how she storyboards ideas for novels and creates written works using the writing process. Question and answer sessions empower students with real life information for future careers. Students are given ample opportunities to work directly with Beth and to have any of her works autographed.

Publishing in the Classroom

Are your students ready to be student authors? Learn how to prepare student work for publication, how to write query letters, where to submit for publication, and self-publishing tried and true techniques.

Using Art as a Springboard for Writing

Fun, collaborative, and engaging art activities that will have students discussing ELA concepts and producing creative works of writing. Put on your own art and writing show!

Emotional Intelligence Skills in the Classroom

It’s the number one complaint of business owners—students need more soft, or people, skills. These active learning, hands-on ideas will increase students knowledge and self-awareness of people soft skills. Learn how to easily add much-needed emotional intelligence activities into your curriculum.

Flipping Your Classroom

Learn how to flip your classroom for better engagement with these technology techniques and resources. Learn where to find free resources, how to record your own lessons, and much more… Just what you need to begin implementing a flipped classroom at your school!

Standardized Exam Assessment Writing

As a scorer and writer of standardized assessment passages, Beth will show you how to get students to pass standardized writing exams. Covers computerized and handwritten strategies to improve test scores on standardized writing exams.