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Reading Websites for Teachers




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This is a comprehensive list of some of the best websites on the Internet for   supporting the teaching of reading. You can rate each site by clicking on the ratings stars.


Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement

If you need the latest research and information on reading - this is the place to go.


Reading A - Z

This site has hundreds of books that you can download for use in your classroom. It's not free, but it's worth the price. Each book comes with lesson activities and a multiple choice quiz. You can download 30 of their books for free.


The Partnership for Reading

This is a government site with research articles and information on teaching reading.



Text mapping

Textmapping is a graphic organizer technique for teaching children to navigate through nonfiction text. Teaching eVentures recommends this powerful strategy for teaching nonfiction in your classroom. It's a visual, interactive teaching technique. Texas teachers will find this strategy highly useful for preparing students for the compare / contrast passages on the TAKS test.


Book Adventure

Book Adventure is a motivational tool to get children reading. There are free quizzes for over 7000 children's books.


Children's Stories & Passages

There are printable stories and passages on this site that can be used in the classroom.



Novel Studies

The novel studies on this site primarily for intermediate and secondary classrooms.


Story Arts

Storytelling, lesson plans, story library and more can be found here.


Reading Online

Online reading journal from the International Reading Association.



Mosaic Reading Strategies Database

A database of lessons for teaching strategies that good readers use.


Children's Book Council

Find out about the newest books and more at the Children's Book Council site.


Reading Rockets

This is a great site for reading teachers. They now have dozens of author interviews on video!



Balanced Reading

This site is for the balanced reading teacher. They provide research based resources.


Reading Quest

This site is a resource for integrating reading and social studies.


Nancy Polette

Nancy Polette offers well thought out book lists, literature units and more.



Literature Circles

This site is the foundation for learning about literature circles. Also visit our Literature Circles page.


Teaching Heart

There's a lot more than reading here. It's a nice resource for the busy teacher.



Read Write Think

This is a great resource sponsored by NCTE is for both reading and writing. There are hundreds of lesson plans and amazing interactive tools that are great for use in the computer lab and student projects.


Team Newingham

This is more than a classroom website because this site is loaded with great resources for teachers. The instructional posters available on this site are worth bookmarking it alone!







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